Sienna TDE
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Born January, 9th, 1996
Age 16
Nationality Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, French
Hometown Parati, Rio de Janeiro

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Guadalajara, Mexico

Beverly Hills, California

Family Father, Bia, Melissa
Relationship Colt
Friends Carmin, Justine, Mauro, Melissa
Enemies Ben, Damien, Joey, Kaylani, Lacey, Landon, Lily, Lucas, Spencer, Tiffani, Willie
Fear Rats, Mud, Bugs
Talent Being Mean, Shopping, Cheerleading
Nicknames Si; Babe, Sexy, Hot; Evil, Manipulative, Whore, Vindictive
Voice Actor Kelly Sheridan

Sienna Isabella Morera, labeled The Monster, is one of Lulu's Primary OC's.

About SiennaEdit

Growing up with her triplet brother and sister, Jeremy and Melissa, and two parents who were always fighting, Sienna learned to grow mean, bitter and ruthless. After her parents divorced they fought for their child's love and spoiled them greatly. Sienna got everything she wanted. At school, the girls were green with envy and the boys would follow her around like lost puppies. The teachers love her and fear her as well. While Sienna is very mean, she doesn't always want to be the way she is. She does what is nessicary to triumph.

Sienna signed up for Total Drama, because she knew it would be an easy win for her. Plus the money and fame wouldn't hurt.

10 Words to Describe HerEdit

  1. Mean
  2. Ruthless
  3. Vindictive
  4. Sexy
  5. Provoking
  6. Intimidating
  7. Smart
  8. Skilled
  9. Manipulative
  10. Angry


Sienna is a really beautiful girl, and everyone sees that. Many guys are attracted to her, and will try to win her over. But Sienna is only attracted to one guy; Colt. She loves him with all of her heart and would never let anyone hurt him. She does feel bad that she hurt one of her good friends by being with him though. She slept with Colt while he was dating her best friend, Destiny.

Speaking of friends, Sienna doesn't have many close ones. She considers Violet to be her best friend, along with her brother and sister, Jeremy and Melissa. Sienna is trying to appolgize to Destiny as well, but she won't listen to her. She also sees Tiara as a good friend, but they aren't as close.

As for enemies, Sienna is hated by many and she hates many. Destiny is extremely upset with her still, and won't listen to her. Sienna isn't very fond of Skyler or Lauren either. Mostly because they always fight with her.

Character ConceptsEdit

Audition TapeEdit


  • Sienna's twin is Melissa.
  • Sienna is considered to be one of the best students at her school.
  • Sienna is the captain of the Cheerleading Squad at her school.
  • Sienna is loved by the boys, and hated by the girls at her school.
  • Sienna is Brazilian, Italian, Spanish, and French.
  • Sienna can speak Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French fluently.
  • Sienna's parents own a house in Brazil, Paris, Rome, Mexico, Canada, and Greece.
  • Sienna's theme song is, Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson.