Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Born TBA
Age 17
Nationality American
Hometown L.A, California
Family Father, Mother, Siblings

Mikey (husband), Leo (son), Dana (daughter)

Relationship Mikey
Friends Alexis, Ben, Carmin, Damien, Ingrid, Joey, Junior, Kevin, Marceline, Mason, Nate, Tiffani, Willie, Zane
Enemies Angel, Diego, Melissa, Sasha, Sienna
Fear Heights, Lions
Talent Singing, Modeling, Tennis
Nicknames Lace
Voice Actor Anastasia Phillips
Lacey, labeled The Dangerous Beauty, is one of Lulu's Characters.

About LaceyEdit


  • Full Name: Lacey Rachel Collins
  • Age: 17
  • Occupation: Contestant, Student, Mother, Wife
  • Quote: "No one can bust Mikey's balls like me."

Growing up, Lacey was always beautiful. She was the cutest little thing people have ever seen. In middle school all of the boys thought she was hot. Her mother always loved to dress her up and put her in beauty pagents, and she one most of the ones she entered. As she got older, she became kind of annoyed with the boys being obessed with her, so she was mean to the on purpose sometimes so they would leave her alone. After her mother died, she became depressed and felt alone, and she became nicer but also lashed out at people more frequently. Since her father is always working and her older brother and sister are off to college, she has to take care of her 15 year-old brother who is struggling with his mothers death.

Why TD?: To get money for college and to meet new people.

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  • Her full name is based on many different things.
    • Her first name is based off of Lacey Chabert, who plays Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls
    • Her middle name is based off of the character of Rachel, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, from Friends.
    • Her last name (before she got married) was based off of Rachel McAdams, from Mean Girls.