Cartoon Network's description of the characters.


Cute, funny and charismatic; Alexis wants more than just the money. She wants to get away from her small boring town and maybe have a shot at romance.


You've never seen anybody dance as well as Destiny can. She's reliable, smart and totally cute. But can she dance her way to the finale?


Party loving, Joey is more than just a flirt. He's strong, fast and can charm the pants off of any female. Brains isn't his speacialty, though.


Melissa is preppy, dim-witted and really mean. She's the co-captain of Cheerleading Squad and she knows how to play the game. Don't be fooled by her looks; Melissa has a high IQ of 120, so she says.


Tiffani is just your average blonde; sweet, bubbly, pretty and also very stupid. Does this blonde beauty have what it takes to be champion?