Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey
Born May, 17th, 1995
Age 17
Nationality Australian, Canadian
Hometown Sydney, Australia

Toronto, Ontario

Family Father, Mother, Brother
Relationship Lauren
Friends Alexis, Amy, Andrew TBA
Enemies Carmin, Gideon, Kimberly, Melissa, Sienna
Fear Sharks, Terrorists
Talent Being Loyal, Volleyball, Soccer, Surfing
Nicknames Ben-Ben, Hot Stuff
Voice Actor Channing Tatum
Benjamin "Ben" Grandmont, labled The Golden-hearted Badboy, is one of Lulu's OC's.


When meeting Ben for the first time, people usually think he is very quiet and shy. And he is, but once people really get to know him then they see his loyal and true side. Ben isn't that fond of the law, and he has broken a lot of laws before. His parents aren't proud of this and they sent him off to military school, but Ben actually quite enjoyed it. He's more athletic and built now. He does still get in trouble a few times a month, but he realizes that he wants to go to college and maybe go to the marines.

Ben signed up for Total Drama, because he wants money for college and meeting new people at a summer camp would be great.

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